Manage Your Customer Experience – Or Let Your Rivals Steal Them Away!

Marketing these days is more than simply about creating a desire for a brand; it also has to entice the customer to remain with that brand in the face of growing competition and a myriad of neat gimmicks which threaten to distract them. Increasingly companies are realising the most effective way of doing this is by maximising the customer experience.

With marketing campaigns becoming diverse across a range of platforms, the key to success lies in ensuring the customer experience is seamless. Your branding has to look crisp and professional. Your website plays an enormously important role. It has to be obviously branded as you – customer has to trust implicitly that they’re on your site, and not someone who just looks a bit like you! The website needs to be easy to navigate and the pages have to load at lightening speed: one of the fastest ways to lose customers is to have a page so loaded with clever moving images, etc, that the page take several seconds to load. Customers are busy people: they want to click and load! Otherwise they click to close!

Your website also has to deliver what it promises – if it’s advertising a selection of delivery options, customers have to be able to select the one they want. If services aren’t available it has to be obvious why they aren’t available. Slow loading pages on a website that doesn’t deliver what it promises and doesn’t explain why is not only going to lose you customers. Some will be irritated enough to rant on social media about it!

Which brings us to the next point: marketing campaigns. Tapping into your audience using a layered approach is a highly efficient method of ingraining your brand into the subconscious. Reaching out across social media, using email capture points on your website in order to generate a workable, valid email campaign, all serve to re-enforce your message and build confidence in your brand. Backing your digital efforts up with a direct mail campaign is an absolute ‘must’ in order to maximise your return on investment. Direct mail provides an effective method of providing your customers with a tangible, touch point that physically leads directly back to your company. This integrated method all has to have the same, corporate feel. It has to make the customer feel valued and appreciated by a trustworthy, quality brand that recognises their loyalty, and rewards them for it.

For companies with a high street presence, proximity marketing such as ibeacons, provide a conduit to draw customers in at the very point they’re passing, increasing almost exponentially the opportunity to maximise sales figures. Imagine the efficacy of these tools when combined with data to ensure the experience is truly tailored to the buying habits of your customer!

Ultimately, people buy from brands they identify with and can trust to deliver a first rate holistic experience. If you’re not managing the customer experience seamlessly, you can bet your competitors will!

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