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We work with you to create your bespoke Web-2-Print portal
incorporating your branding, templates, artwork and images.
Permissions are assigned to your nominated users who will have
access to your portal 24/7. Your user will log on and begin the
tightly controlled process of amending the collateral.
The system will recognise the user and automatically
pre-select the collaterals pertinent to them.
This could be a range of items including:
Stationery • Brochures
Flyers • Business cards • Adverts
Posters • Display systems • Roller banners
Having selected the item they need they can start making
their changes. Every time your user creates a new
item it is saved to their history so they can re-order
quickly without going through the whole process again.
You decide at which stage you would prefer to approve
the process before it goes to order.
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