5 January

Manage Your Customer Experience – Or Let Your Rivals Steal Them Away!

Marketing these days is more than simply about creating a desire for a brand; it also has to entice the customer to remain with that brand in the face of growing competition and a myriad of neat gimmicks which threaten to distract them. Increasingly companies are realising the most effective way of doing this is […]

5 November

In The Mix – Why Direct Mail Shouldn’t Be Given The Digital Elbow

Digital marketing is huge – this we all know. With the ever-evolving technologies available to us and advertisers becoming ever more creative in their use of various mediums, the natural assumption may well be that traditional marketing techniques, such as direct mail, are dead. But is that really the way forward? There’s no denying digital […]

9 September

The Print: Challenges, Past, Present & Future

It’s no secret that over the last decade, Print has faced some very real challenges. Many smaller companies have had to re-think the way they operate in order to survive the changes, and those that didn’t have fallen by the wayside. The previous ten years has seen a significant reduction in the amount of print […]

28 July

Myth Busting 101 Part 1

Although we design and build websites & ecommerce systems, undertake direct mail campaigns, and provide exhibition display materials when it comes to old fashioned printing we often hear phrases like “How many trees sacrificed themselves for that load of printing?” So this blog is the start of answering those questions Myth 1 – Making paper […]

3 May

Print – The 4th Dimension

The Internet is a wonderful and amazing resource. Literally, it’s an infinite entity of information, stories and pictures. Websites with links that lead you from one piece of information to the next drawing you ever further into the digital ether. It becomes compulsive: everyone has experienced the irresistible nature of digital, from the constant checking […]

16 March

Business Web2Print Portals – what are they and can they help my business?

In the old days, about 10 years ago, (!) the application of and adherence to corporate brand standards by centralised marketing departments for their network of users or offices was one heck of a task. We’ve all been to hotel chains where someone locally has designed and produced printed marketing and sales materials which very […]

22 January

We’re Live!

Welcome to Brand Sentinel’s new website!

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