The more devolved an organisation, the more difficult it can be to control brand usage.

Producing marketing collaterals for multi-site businesses or organisations can be costly and extremely time consuming. Marketing departments who value their brand have to ensure that it is being applied correctly. Whether the design work for each location is undertaken in-house or externally, this cost, together with the time needed to check, proof, approve, order and then ensure delivery to each location, quickly mounts up. BRAND SENTINEL allows your nominated users to adapt your marketing collaterals to suit their local needs, in user friendly stages.


We work with you to create your bespoke Web-2-Print portal incorporating your branding, templates, artwork and images.

Permissions are assigned to your nominated users who will have access to your portal 24/7. Your user will log on and begin the tightly controlled process of amending the collateral. The system will recognise the user and automatically pre-select the collaterals pertinent to them. This could be a range of items including: Stationery, Brochures Flyers, Business cards, Adverts Posters, Display systems, Roller banners.

Having selected the item they need they can start making their changes. Every time your user creates a new item it is saved to their history so they can re-order quickly without going through the whole process again. You decide at which stage you would prefer to approve the process before it goes to order.


So much more than a WEB-2-Print portal, BRAND SENTINEL will also handle non-graphic items.

You can use it to supply third party products to your locations rather than spending time undertaking this function from head office.

Many of our clients include products as well as printed materials. Just think… your HR Department can take advantage of the service providing a new member of staff with a personalised induction pack, ID badges or electronic equipment. Your Health and Safety function could provide all members of staff with the relevant safety documents or manuals they require.

Our team also has expertise in corporate uniforms and workwear, all of which is tightly controlled and managed by Brand Sentinel.


You decide how controlled you want BRAND SENTINEL to be.

Once your user has created their collateral, the system can be set to save the item into a location pending management approval before it goes to order and despatch. You decide at which stage of the process you want to approve. Management control has various levels or can be switched off all together.

Brand Sentinel allows you the option of setting hard monthly budgets for each user, allowing you to plan and tightly control expenditure.

We supply monthly expenditure reports, by product and user, so you will always know who is spending and what they are spending it on.


Not only will your WEB-2-Print portal ensure your brand collaterals are always right, all of the time; it will also:

  • Improve your marketing efficiency
  • Offer you the flexibility to control the production process at a chosen level
  • Save you time and money
  • Enable you to monitor, control and evaluate
  • Bring quality assurance - behind the technology is a company with over 40 years of experience
  • Provide you with the option to use our in-house design team to create your templates or supply your own designs/layouts
  • Offer training and support

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